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About Us

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Dear Supporters,

One privilege of my role as Executive Director of Success Through Self (STS) Academy is the time I spend with donors, supporters, staff and parents enjoying the many programs STS sponsors.  Beyond the day-to-day management of budgets and programs, I get to meet the passionate people who make our organization so strong. It’s those people, people like you, who make a decisive difference for our children every day.

For grades K-5, we transformed a city owned, unused, 40’X 60′ greenhouse into the Butterfly Exhibit. Here students see the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly.  This is a natural environment, starting with the egg and ending with an adult butterfly.

This year, STS has had the opportunity  to provide before and after school services at the middle schools in the Pittsburg Unified School District (PUSD). This new opportunity has enabled us to bring back a variety of sports to the middle school program, reintroducing basketball, volleyball, football, track and soccer for the first time in over a decade. These activities provide healthy outlets, increased motor skills and act as a feeder for Pittsburg High School’s highly competitive sports programs.

Seeing the joy on a parent’s face as elementary and middle school students play soccer and other sports is overwhelming.


Soccer is the most popular sport in our large Hispanic community. Some thirty teams compete in various sports throughout the school year. All uniforms and equipment are provided by STS at no cost to parents.To assist our high school students,  STS has been awarded the prestigious 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant for 2014-2019, bringing academic tutoring, mentoring, career development/job placement and family social services; including education and referrals to governmental and community services.These are only a few of the many programs STS provides for the youth and teens in Pittsburg year round.  Other programs are: The World Music and Art Festival, City Wide Spelling Bee, Summer Camps,  Driver Education, Computer Tech, Teens2Teach, Teen Center, Free Produce Distribution and many more.

STS places its highest priority on student academic achievement. Through mentoring, tutoring and homework assistance STS will positively affect the achievement gap: Data shows that gaps in achievement exist at every level in our education system and early intervention affords the best chance for success. Our students API scores have risen by over 200 points.STS Academy, with the help of our supporters, seeks to offer students and their families academic assistance in a safe and fun environment and capture both the pragmatic thinking that guides our work as well as the passion that our supporters, staff and stakeholders devote to it.


The “Year of Enrichment” that follows is just a sampling of our accomplishments over the past year that you helped make possible. Your partnership  with us is essential; both the resources you provide and the energy you impart.This report is not just an accounting of a year’s work.  It is a tribute to you and all those who make our achievements a reality.


Thank you for your support.


James L. Craft
Executive Director


Before School / After School
Grades (K-5th)
STS Academy provides free before and/or after school programs to over 1,000 1st-5th grade students daily. Approximately 20% of these students attend academic programs to narrow
the achievement gap. Over 75% of district students are from low income families who cannot afford the high cost of after school support. All schools in the district operate at full capacity with long waiting lists. STS bridges this gap, by serving over 20% of the students off site and providing transportation to and from all district schools when necessary.The City of Pittsburg provides a youth and teen center to serve overflow students (open 6AM -6PM), Monday through Friday, where students receive breakfast, lunch, snacks and a hot
supper daily. Our trained staff provides tutoring, homework assistance, enrichment and physical fitness activities at a breakeven cost of less
than $6 a day.Before School / After School
Grades (6th – 8th)
Monday through Friday immediately
after school until 6:00 PM, services
are provided to 500 students at
their home school. Students receive:
Homework Assistance, Enrichment/
Recreational Activities & Tutoring from
certified instructors who follow up
with classroom teachers and parents.
Space is limited for this program.
Enrichment/Recreational Activities
include: Mentoring, Arts & Crafts, Culinary, Math & Science Projects, Games & Writing, School-District wide competitions. Plays and cultural programs highlight most holidays and add to the year’s excitement. Students enjoy Track, Soccer, Basketball,
Volleyball, Flag Football and more.Butterfly Exhibit
The plight of the monarch butterfly has become a focal point in Pittsburg for teaching ecology and providing job skills to the city’s youth. STS Academy is taking a small step in reversing the decline of one of nature’s most beautiful insects, by breeding Monarch butterflies in a recently renovated greenhouse located in the
city’s amusement park for kids. Younger students learn by seeing, older students gain work experience and gardening knowledge raising, the food needed to sustain the butterfly. We thank Dow
Chemical, the City of Pittsburg and the community for their help.Summer Enrichment Program
STS Academy continues to enrich students throughout the summer by providing summer fun programs in safe and healthy environments. Summer programs are held at Buchanan Park, City Park and Hillview Middle School.Students participate in games, sports camps, weekly field trips, weekly swimming trips and academic activities.Nutritious meals and snacks are also provided up to six times daily
between 6AM – 6PM Monday – Friday.